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Piles Treatment In Dubai

What is the Piles treatment in Dubai, UAE?

Are you looking for best piles treatment in Dubai, UAE? Are you tired of constantly buying creams and treatments from your pharmacy that only provide temporary relief from piles or hemorrhoids?

Find out why you should not continue buying creams and treatments from your pharmacy which only provide temporary relief. And discover best piles treatments and best medicine for piles.

What is the best treatment for piles?

What is the best treatment for piles

There is no single best treatment for piles as symptoms and severity of the condition must be taken into consideration. In case symptoms are minor and with little or no prolapse (piles coming out), changes in diet with avoidance of constipation and straining, and staying little time sitting on the toilet, can be all that is needed. This is achieved by keeping a high-fibre diet ( fruits and vegetables) to allow soft formed stool that can be passed without excessive straining.

Loose and liquid motions must be avoided as going too many times to the toilet will cause excessive pressure on the back passage. In case piles prolapse and need to be pushed back in ( Grade 3) or when conservative measures are not effective, then surgery is to be considered. A proctologist will advice which surgical technique is best in your case.

What is the main cause of piles?

There are many factors that can contribute to the formation of piles. Sliding of the lining of the rectum associated with engorgement of veins and structural changes inside the anal cushions, are the main pathological characteristics of piles. Constipation, diarrhea, excessive straining on passing motions, spending long time sitting on toilet, are the main contributing factors. There is also a familiarity, mainly related to a general laxity of tissues. Therefore, piles treatment in Dubai must consider behavioral changes, diet changes, and the use of some medications that can give relief of symptoms.

Piles treatment in Dubai may involve both conservative and surgical measures depending on the severity of the condition. A proctologist is the best doctor that can decide which best piles treatments in Dubai can give optimal results in a specific case.

What is the main cause of piles

What stage of piles require surgery?

What stage of piles require surgery

Although it may appear obvious that only severe degrees of piles need surgery, sometimes even minor degrees may be troublesome, especially in terms of bleeding on passing motions. Grade 1 piles do not come out during defecation, but may cause bleeding not responsive to conservative measures.

In this early stage of hemorrhoids, minimally invasive techniques can be used to reduce the blood supply to the piles and stop the bleeding. This can be achieved with piles banding, laser treatment, radio-frequency, and ligation of branches of the main artery supplying the piles under doppler ultrasound guidance. In the second degree of piles ( piles come out but they go back inside or their own) similar techniques are used.

When piles come out during bowel motions, but need to be manually pushed back in (grade 3). laser treatment with proctoplasty or stapled hemorrhoidopexy can give great results with minimal downtime. In permanently prolapsing piles ( Grade 4) traditional surgical excision may be indicated.

What exercises can cure piles?

Despite the many articles claiming effectiveness of various exercises to prevent and treat hemorrhoids, there is no strong scientific evidence that these are of help. Definitely, keeping stool soft, avoidance of constipation and straining may help preventing hemorrhoids. However, some people will develop piles anyway as they have an inherent laxity of tissues.

Pelvic floor exercises that strengthen the muscles around the back passage, in particular the levator muscles and the external anal sphincter, help to relax muscles and not to strain. This can lead to a more physiological defecation, and lead to piles prevention and reduction of symptoms. Some exercises may be avoided in acute cases of piles as they increase abdominal and anal pressure, such as sit-ups, squatting and lifting heavy weights.

What exercises can cure piles

Can piles be removed permanently?

Can piles be removed permanently

Piles can be removed surgically with a procedure called Hemorrhoidectomy. There is a small chance that small hemorrhoids can reappear in the long run, but the procedure is highly effective, though associated with moderate to severe postoperative pain. Therefore, new less painful techniques have been introduced. These aim at reducing the blood supply to the piles and shrink them rather than completely removing them.

Can piles be cured without surgery?

Early stages of hemorrhoids respond well to medical treatment and behavioral changes. Adopting a high-fibre diet, avoiding straining and spending long time on the toilet, are the mainstay of treatment. Addition of fibre supplements or laxatives may be needed in some cases. Creams and pills are generally used to reduce the symptoms of piles, but their effect is temporary.

Can piles cure without surgery

Is piles a serious disease?

Is piles a serious disease

Piles are a benign disease and are not generally dangerous. However, there are two circumstances when they can be threatening to life. One is bleeding that may be severe to a level needing emergency admission and possible surgical procedures to stop it.

The other is strangulation of the piles that is an emergency situation in which piles blood supply is interrupted and the tissue dies. Infection may take over and spread to the whole body. Although rare, strangulated piles will need emergency Hemorrhoidectomy.

Is piles a lifelong disease?

Piles are usually a lifelong disease as they may appear or disappear overtime. Episodes of constipation, diarrhea, excessive straining, make them swell up and cause symptoms. Other periods will be with no symptoms as a good diet and behaviors prevent them from getting engorged.

Is piles a lifelong disease
Can piles cause death?
Can piles cause death

Strangulation of piles or massive bleeding can be life-threatening with potential fatal outcome if not treated as sn emergency.

Which food avoid in piles?

It is not generally recommended to restrict food in patients with piles. A high-fibre diet will allow for soft stool and, therefore, less straining on passing motions.

However, some people react to certain foods that cause an increased blood flow to the piles, such as spicy foods.

Which food avoid in piles
How do you stop piles from growing?
How do you stop piles from growing

The only way is to keep a high-fibre diet, avoid constipation and straining. Certain exercises that increase abdominal and anal pressure may potentially make the condition worse.

Which piles cream best?

Piles cream can be of help to reduce symptoms of external and internal piles. In case of internal piles, an applicator will allow the cream to be applied inside the anal canal. Piles ointments have a similar effects to creams, but they are oil-based and semisolid.

Piles creams contain single or more commonly combination of ingredients: analgesics (lidocaine), steroids, antiseptics, astringents, vegetable soothing components (aloe vera).

Piles treatment in Dubai is based on the use of creams in association with dietary modifications, fibre supplements, and occasionally laxatives. However, piles treatment in Dubai must be decided by an expert proctologist to allow for a quick resolution of symptoms and disease.

Piles treatment in Dubai uses the most modern technique that guarantee the best results.

Which piles cream best

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