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The benefits of Laser Hemorrhoids Treatment

laser operation, eye operation, surgeon

Laser treatment for hemorrhoids consists in the introduction of a laser probe that produces high intensity heat that ultimately causes shrinkage and scarring with resolution of the hemorrhoids. Since hemorrhoids are almost always associated with a certain degree of prolapse of the rectal mucosa, the technique also includes an hemorrhoidopexy that is obtained by plicating the redundant mucosa.

What are the benefits of laser hemorrhoids treatment?

  • No postoperative pain and immediate return to normal activities.
    Since there is no cut made and the procedure is carried out above the sensitive part of the anus (dentate line), the pain is almost absent and only a mild discomfort is present after the operation. This is very easily controlled with pain killers for the first few days.
  • No risk of fecal incontinence
    Contrary to traditional hemorrhoidectomy, there is no risk of injuring the muscles around the anus resulting in fecal incontinence. Brief pulses of laser energy of around 3 sec each and pointing the laser tip towards the mucosa away from the muscles are key technical points.
  • Patient satisfaction

It is very satisfying to see patient after a laser procedure for hemorrhoids returning to their normal activities almost straightaway, and happy to have resolved an issue that sometimes they carry for years. A mild laxative is prescribed for the first few days to keep the stool soft, and the patient is reviewed after a week in the outpatient clinic.

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